Monica Sage knowing a black man
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Interracial MILFS Vol. 3
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Nina Hartley got a black man she likes
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Gia Derza bonding with a black man
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Jade Nile in New Dogfart Scene

LOS ANGELES — Jade Nile has returned to the Dogfart Network for her third scene, this time for its site.

Released Monday, the scene features Nile on a shopping trip at a porn store. Looking for more fun, Nile heads in to booth 5, which contains a glory hole. To view the trailer, click here.

"I love working for Dogfart, and I'm so happy they had me back," Jade said. "I was especially excited to work for, as there is something so arousing about getting some anonymous dick. Fans of my IR work will really enjoy this scene. I know I loved making it!”

Nile can also be seen in the recent release of Mike Quasar's "My First Gang Bang 6" (Third Degree Films). As the title suggests, Nile experiences her first gangbang with Tommy Pistol, Small Hands, Steve Holmes and Mark Zane.

Nile recently made the move to Las Vegas and is represented by OC Modeling. She is available for BG, GG, BGG, IR, gangbangs and more. For booking information, contact Sandra at or (818) 298-6939.

For more information, follow her on Twitter.

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Kira Noir, James Deen Star in New Dogfart Scene

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Adult performers Kira Noir and James Deen star in Dogfart’s latest scene, which is available at

“With nearly 60 years of combined sexual experiences lodged in their collective brains, listen to some of the crazy stories James Deen, Steve Holmes, and recent  Markus Dupree can tell,” a publicist said. “If that wasn't enough, wait until you witness another story unfold right in front of your eyes.

“All Mr. Holmes has to do is beckon one of the many sluts in his stable — this time, it's Kira Noir — to come out from the room in which she's kept ... and then, it's on! But wait! Did Kira forget to shut her door? That might cost her a red, red rump. After Mr. Holmes delivers his spanking, he'll hand Kira off to Mr. Dupree, who immediately starts in with a proper skull fuck.

“Mr. Deen waits in the wings before opening up her sweet asshole.”

"Kira is one in a million," said a Dogfart rep. "She's easily one of the hottest girls in the biz"

Click here to go to Click here to watch the NSFW trailer. Check out Dogfart BTS action here.

To join all 22 Dogfart Network sites for one low price click here. Dogfart VOD scenes are for sale here.

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Asian girl black creampie fuck

watch video
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Jessica Jones hanging out with him
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Helly Mae Hellfire on a date with him
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Chloe Foster Bonding With a Black Man
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